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This summer - Occupy Grands Carmes

Updated: Jul 1

Les Grands Carmes invites you to enjoy its spaces during the summer: Bar and training/creation areas.

In a few words : Propose your event/project at / All infos in this post.

Situated in the city center, this temporary space exudes charm and character with a slightly rustic and peaceful ambiance. It is operated by a non-profit association comprised of various LGBTQIA+ organizations, collaborating to provide health, social, and cultural services at the venue. The proceeds from the bar and other services are utilized to cover expenses and sustain the project.

By being present and bringing life to the space, you are actively participating in this amazing journey to establish an LGBTQIA+ center following its renovation.

We are seeking in priority queer and LGBTQIA+ occupation for the months of July and August.

We will choose a variety of projects to ensure diversity.

Are you an artist or group interested in providing artistic or musical performances in the courtyard of the Grands Carmes? Do you want to rent the space for your event ?

A variety of options are available (see below)

Kindly be advised that we prioritize artists who have simple technical needs.

WHAT WE CAN OFFER ( 4 options)

#1 COURTYARD ( La cour des Grands Carmes )

  • Artistic performances, Djs, Concerts etc. (up to 100 ppl) 

  • Free occupation 

  • Bar held by Grands Carmes 

  • Pay what you can entry (max 5€) goes for the artists

  • We will set up a joint communication campaign with you for all events.

#2 Stage Room night time (max. 22h)

  • Concerts, shows, performances... (up to 80 ppl) 

  • Bar held by Grands Carmes volunteers 

  • Prices : 

  • 150€ HTVA for non profit organizations, CP 329

  • 200€-300€ HTVA for others ( depends on needs )

#3 Meeting Rooms

  • Workshops, meetings, residency (15-30ppl)

  • Access to coffee/tea, beamer. 

  • Prices (Half day):

  • 40€ HTVA for non profit organizations 

  • 80€ HTVA for private organization

#4 Stage Room day time

  • Workshops, meetings, courses, rehearsals... (30-70 ppl) 

  • Access to coffee/tea, beamer. 

  • Prices: (Half day )

  • 50€ for non profit/non organizations with low income. 

  • 100€ for others

  • Catering on demand ( >20) 


  • Please send your proposals to, specifying "event proposal" in the subject line. The selection team will examine all proposals on a regular basis. An agreement will be proposed, and it is compulsory to read the values charter of the venue.

  • For artistic demand, make sure you indicate :

    • Presentation of the artist / collective

    • Description of project / artistic approach

    • Technical specifications and specific requirements

  • Artist residencies are also possible!


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